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About Cheniere Construction

We are an 8a certified, LaDOTD DBE/SBE, certified woman-owned small business. We have performed work as a general contractor as well as a subcontractor to other firms. Our specialties include site preparation, heavy civil construction, marine construction, pile driving, erosion control, mechanical dredging, marine installation of riprap and geotextile fabric, debris removal, borrow pit preparation, material processing, and levee embankment installation.

Our staff is certified and experienced in the USACE Quality Control and Safety methods. CCI continues to have licensed civil engineers and surveyors on staff that have been in the construction business for many years in the Greater New Orleans area.

This knowledge and experience provides an understanding about the unique nature of this region, of its construction challenges and its history. It is a critical component to our success, as it provides an invaluable amount of historical data not limited to previous construction projects but also including successful techniques and local contacts for this region.